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Doctor Teaching on Seminar

IEBDAC International Faculty:
The International Education Board Department of Aesthetics and Cosmetology – IEBDAC is the recognized leader in the field of micropigmentation, aesthetic and cosmetology and aims to provide its faculty/trainers with all the tools and resources needed to grow and develop careers and deliver the highest quality teaching skills. We work to position our faculty/trainers for success in a highly competitive environment through organizing Train the Trainer Program worldwide. Being a faculty/trainers of IEBDAC supports your success in the field of micropigmentation, aesthetic and cosmetology also reinforces credibility for your patients/students showing the additional steps taken to advance your skills and knowledge. 

Becoming faculty/trainers of International Education Board do not distrub your current practice and your own Academy business/Job. Once you become faculty of IEBDAC we list Training/Masterclass/Conference schedule with dates & country name, From which you can select accordingly to your free time and convenience.

Remuneration or Fees paid to faculty/trainers depends on course to course basis, Country where MasterClass or Courses are organised, Number of Students etc...

All expenses like Air Fare, Stay, Food, Visa, 2 days Tourist Site visits are provided by IEBDAC in every Aboard Events or MasterClasses.

IEBDAC provides a wide range of benefits designed to support its faculty/trainer’s needs.

Benefits include the following:

  • Prestigious Membership of IEBDAC and opportunity to be part of the International Board Certified community.

  • IEBDAC Hard and Soft copy of Certificate, Transcript & Medal.

  • Use of the IEBDAC name and logo which will authenticate your position as a world-leading Master Trainer and practitioner.

  • Become eligible for Professional Indemnity Insurance.

  • Scholarship and Minimum 30% to 50% fees discounts for IEBDAC conferences, Master Classes and IEBDAC courses.

  • Access to Free webinar organized by IEBDAC for Lifetime.

  • Access to IEBDAC members buying programs for discount laser, equipment, and supplies pricing.

  • Inclusion in the Team/International Faculty listing hosted on the IEBDAC website.

  • Yearly Award Function on National and International Level. Access to networking events and educational documents.

  • International Exchange of professional knowledge and new developments in the industry.

  • Biannual newsletter to keep you and your practice current with new techniques, equipment, and announcements. Analysis of important news and what it means for you in the field of micropigmentation, aesthetic and cosmetology

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