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Skyscrapers in Bangkok

International Fellowship Masterclass in
Facial Aesthetic (Injectables)
(Demonstration Based-No Hands On)​

13 - 14 July, 2024 - Bangkok


Glimpse of International Masterclass for Master Trainers in

Facial Aesthetics (Injectables), Bangkok 11 and 12 December 2023

International Education Board (Department of Aesthetics and Cosmetology) membership is by invitation only to the Academy’s/Institutions, schools, colleges, beauty salons and spas around the world and open to all Students, Professionals looking to achieve a superior level of training and the Diploma/Degree qualification which is recognized worldwide.  

Routes to the IEBDAC
Diplomate & Board Titles

Route 1: "Attendance Tract" Attendance and Completion of  all Steps of  Board Certification Courses  at IEBDAC Accredited Academy/Institute and passing the IEBDAC Certification Exam 


Route 2: "Experience Tract" All aspects of the application process, including candidate application, photos, operative notes, letters of recommendation, Qualification Certificates  and all required documents must be scanned and submitted in electronic PDF format via email or Dropbox to

Associate Member of

Accredited Academies

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Strategic Partners

Why Get Board Credential Certification

Board Certification

Positive impact on career goals

Positive impact towards career goals’ achievements. An IEB Board Certification allows the recipient to rapidly connect with people sharing similar backgrounds through social media around the world. That positively impacts career goals achievement and professional profile raising interest.

An IEB Board Certification allows managers or professionals to shift from basic job skills to the highest level of professional recognition.


An IEB Board Certification is authentic and it is achieved through a rigorous competences assessment. Furthermore, the validity of an individual Board Certification can be verified publicly on the IEB home page under "CREDENTIAL VERIFICATION" by entering the code assigned to the Board Certificate.

Board Certification

Remove barriers to global job opportunities

Today, job seekers face a daunting task when exploring new job opportunities, especially internationally. Proving skills and experience can be a very difficult task. Academic and professional qualifications need to be verified and authenticated and company references are required.

Professionals or managers, having IEB credential recognition, are globally approved for competences and experience gained over the years. IEB credentials recognition provides evidence of professional competence.

​Board Certification

Showing competences

Showing competences is the biggest challenge in the world of work. Frequently, job seekers' knowledge and expertise are not properly highlighted to meet the needs of companies; that may turn into an unsuitable job.

Once the IEB credentials are earned, people are able to strengthen their bargaining power in the global job market thanks to a prestigious certification displaying experience and competences gained over the years. The Board Certification is evidence of professional competence for employers. Career advancement is important to many people; it means general financial benefits and, occasionally, corporate ladder climbing to the top executive positions.

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