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Vorstandstitel Registrierungsformular für Mitglieder, Absolventen und Dozenten, die von ihrer jeweiligen Akademie empfohlen werden.

Routes to the IEBDAC
Diplomate & Board Titles


Route 1: "Attendance Tract" Attendance and Completion of  all Steps of  Board Certification Courses  at IEBDAC Accredited Academy/Institute and passing the IEBDAC Certification Exam 


Route 2: "Experience Tract" All aspects of the application process, including candidate application, photos, operative notes, letters of recommendation, Qualification Certificates  and all required documents must be scanned and submitted in electronic PDF format via email or Dropbox to

Nur auszufüllen von Dozenten/Trainern/graduierten Mitgliedern von IEBDAC-akkreditierten Akademien, die von ihren jeweiligen Akademien   verwiesen werden .


Hinweis: Graduierte Mitglieder, die ihre Kurse/Ausbildung erfolgreich   abgeschlossen haben, bevor die Akademie von IEBDAC akkreditiert wurde, können nur das nachstehende Formular ausfüllen.


Das Zertifikat wird sowohl in Papierform als auch in Papierform ausgestellt.

Board Certification Benefits 

For those who are Already Trainers/Faculty/ or aspirant to become Trainer​

  • Prestigious Membership of IEBDAC and opportunity to be part of the International Board Certified community of Master Trainers.

  • Get Board title like: "Board Certified Master Trainer in Aesthetics, UK"

  • Hard and Soft copy of Certificate and Transcript.

  • Access to Free WEBINARS organized by IEBDAC for A Lifetime.

  • Use of the IEBDAC name and logo which will authenticate your position as a world-leading Master Trainer.

  • Yearly Award Function on National and International Level.

  • Access to networking events and educational documents.

  • International Exchange of professional knowledge and new developments in the industry.

  • Guidance on International Jobs and Placements.

  • Free listing and link on the IEBDAC website.

  • Train the Trainer Programs for members.

  • Educational scholarships.

  • and many more...

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