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Lé Beauty Academy 

Accreditation Rating : Five Golden Stars

Sarah Abdel-Halim (Founder)

Address : Denmark

Certificate Number: DEN1524100

Date of Issue: Aug. 2022 Valid till Aug. 2025


Lé Beauty Academy cosmetology school and clinic is privately owned and operated by Sarah Abdel-Halim.

The level of education at the school is high and the goal is that the graduates' qualifications enable them to take up a profession as a beautician or run a clinic as an independent beautician.

Already early in the training course, our students will be able to provide optimal cosmetology treatment that is adapted to the individual customer's problems and needs.

Through our partners, we offer our students a range of diplomas in various disciplines throughout the course of their education. This means that our students will be certified in various disciplines already before their final exam as a cosmetologist.

Courses at Academy:

  • Lashlift,

  • Browlift,

  • Microneedling,

  • Pedicure & Manicure,

  • Waxing,

  • Eyelash extentions

Lé Beauty Academy 

Address: Brotorvet 6, 1 & 2-  7500 Holstebro, Denmark

Tel.: +45 222 11139

Email: Info@lebeautyacademy.dk

Website: www.lebeautyacademy.dk