IICAC International Institute of Cosmetic Artistry Co.


Accreditation Rating for: Seven Stars

Eloisa Bayani (Founder)

Address : Metro Manila,  Philippines

Certificate Number: PHIL121811

Date of Issue: July 2022 Valid till July 2025

Some of Main Courses provided at Academy are:

✔️Permanent Makeup (brow shading,lips, eyeliner)
✔️Machine Hairstrokes 
✔️Microneedling Therapy System
✔️Cheek Blush
✔️Scalp Micropigmentation 
✔️Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Lift
✔️Pigment Removal
✔️Skin & Pigments (color theory)
✔️Fibro Plasma Lift Treatment
✔️Hyaluron Pen Treatment
✔️European Facial & Laser Science

IICAC International Institute of Cosmetic Artistry Co.


DQ Bldg 2/F 25 cor. Panorama and San Diego Sts. SSS Village, Concepcion Dos

Marikina City, Metro Manila , 1811


Phone: +63 (916) 252-2833

Email: bayani.eloisa@yahoo.com

Website: https://www.facebook.com/IICACInternationalInstituteofCosmeticArtistryCo/