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Diplomate in Semi Permanent Makeup

Minimum of 2
-years experience required to apply.


Online Workshop and Diplomate Title Fees will be: 500 GBP.

  1. On Completion of diplomate workshop you will get 2 Boards Certification one of “Diplomate in SPMU of “International Education Board Department of Aesthetics and Cosmetology” and Second of “Board of International Examinations”.

  2. Clinical/Studio Rating Certificate.

  3. To get Silver and Gold Medal student will have to attend "BIE Examination" to prove there Merit. Passing Scores is 80%.

  4. Students passing BIE Examination with Percentage between 80 to 95 will receive Silver Medals and Student Scoring 96% to 100% will recieve Gold Medal. 

About Diplomate Title and Award:

  1. Diplomate Title are Awarded for 7 Years.

  2. After 7 Years you will have to apply again for Title extension and prove that you have kept yourself updated with practice and technology.

  3. Awards will be given on Graduation day to be held on 31st March. 2023.

  4. Diplomate Medals are made up of Pure Silver. 

  5. After 6 months Diplomate members can apply for Honorary Member titles.

Workshop: 1

 Advanced Microblading Hair Strokes: Hyper Realistic, Manbrows.

Workshop by Grandmaster Kristine Lucas, Philippines

Workshop: 2

Scar/Vitiligo/ Stretchmark Camouflage, Areola Pigmentation,

Color Correction and Removal.

Workshop: 3

Advanced Microneedling with Chemical Peeling.

Entrance Exam 2023
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